Irrationally Enraged Neighborhood Attempts To Halt Wine Bar For Serving Online Daters

Residents on New York City’s Upper West Side attempted to prevent a wine bar from serving alcohol in its outdoor seating area because too many “internet people” go there for dates after meeting online. Riposo 72 in Manhattan sparked controversy at a community board meeting (well, to the extent that those kinds of meetings can actually be controversial) out of supposed fear that children will be exposed to whatever peril the area’s mostly wealthy residents assume is stemming from Tinder and OKCupid. Riposo 72’s sidewalk cafe was approved in August and had to cut its capacity in half to compromise with the community board. Now, it wants to extend its liquor license to its outdoor area, and the neighborhood is inexplicably ragey about this. Resident Al Salsano told DNAinfo, “I have seen people say, ‘I met you on the internet,’ and you’re putting that on the sidewalk? I don’t want children walking near ‘internet people’ meeting.”

In what I’m sure was a riveting argument, one board meeting attendee asked “Have you ever gone to any of the sidewalk cafes in this neighborhood? Do you find them all rowdy and people staggering out of them all the time?” to which another defensively replied that he wouldn’t know, because “I don’t go out to meet people I found on the internet.” I can understand a neighborhood being wary of alcohol being served outside in general, but how does this online dating thing factor into it? These are phone apps, not crack dens! Does it not occur to these people that those “seedy internet folks” could be meeting their soul mates at that wine bar? Beyond that, it’s just kind of laughable because exactly how detached from society at large does one have to be to still see online dating as that creepy? Sorry that they’re so offended that children may pass by the beginnings of love on their walk home. The board ultimately approved the restaurant’s liquor license, as long as its willing to keep noise and trash to a minimum. [DNAinfo] [Image via Shutterstock]