How Cute, Women Drinking Whiskey Like They’re Big Strong Men

I’m not saying I wouldn’t get along with the lady staffers at Buzzfeed, but Buzzfeed clearly does not employ women like my friends, for whom drinking whiskey isn’t this big, crazy, new thing. I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t at least tried whiskey. Also, what’s with the faces? They look like Malôrt faces. For reference, Jeppeson’s Malört tastes like burning rubber and cat farts (but in a good way). The first time I had Maker’s Mark, my reaction was “THAT BURNS” and also “THAT TASTES LIKE CARAMEL, MOAR PLEEZ.” I cannot speak as highly of Jameson’s. Jack Daniels is OK.

This is a bit infantilizing of women, no? Like, I get it, these particular women have the genuine experience of not trying whiskey, but I’m sure there are plenty of guys who haven’t tried whiskey who could’ve been recruited too. But whiskey is a man’s drink, see, and it’s funny when adorable women drink it for the first time. How silly.

I’m glad we all agree that whiskey is better than vodka, however. Could someone please point me toward a vodka that tastes great by itself? In return, I give you this piece of advice: Try Letherbee Malört. I mean, try Jeppeson’s first and take a picture of your face after your first sip, but then just buy a whole dang bottle of Letherbee. YUM.


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