Clayton “Relax And Enjoy It” Williams Is A Key Funder In GOP Campaign Against Wendy Davis In TX

  • Clayton Williams, a former Republican candidate for Texas governor who is famous for saying rape victims should “sit back and enjoy it,” is a major contributor to Greg Abbott’s campaign against Wendy Davis in the state. Birds of a feather… [Houston Chronicle]
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  • Read about the lack of access to safe abortions in Latin America. [Feministing]
  • A frat at Texas Tech was barred from campus after displaying a “no means yes, yes means anal” banner. [Huffington Post]
  • Shonda Rhimes feels that the New York Times debacle — in which the paper’s TV columnist made sweeping generalizations about “angry black women” — was a good reminder of casual racism. [Cosmopolitan]
  • GOP candidates Cory Gardner, Scott Walker, and Thom Tillis are all trying to downplay their anti-women’s rights stances. [Salon]