The Queen’s Security Worries Over Palace Staff Having Sleepovers With Unvetted Tinder Randoms

An increasing number of staff members at Buckingham Palace, where the UK’s royal family hangs out, have been bringing people they meet on Grindr and Tinder back to their living quarters. The internet is now theorizing that this is raising the Queen’s blood pressure and that police at the palace are worried about how many guests are staying overnight without a prior vetting. Some “well-placed” sources told the Daily Mail UK that “a number” of the Queen’s staff are using online dating sites and apps. There are over 800 staff members, and considering online dating’s popularity, it’s hard to find that surprising. Butlers, maids and cooks are not allowed to bring guests into Buckingham Palace, but they can sign in overnight visitors to their living quarters (at nearby St. James’ Palace and the Royal Mews). This has apparently been going on for quite a while, but the Palace police are reportedly just now beginning to actively address the issue because dating apps are exploding in popularity.

A source told the Daily Mail:

“There are real and serious security concerns at Buckingham Palace about members of staff use of dating apps such as Tinder, which can be rather sleazy. The palace police are particularly unhappy about the number of guests of servants staying overnight, especially when they may have only just met on Tinder…It is a security nightmare, especially in the current climate. The guests are allowed to stay at St James’s Palace but some have complained that when they leave they get asked ‘a million questions’ by officers.”

I understand the concern that these hookups could be dangerous creeps, but why are Tinder and Grindr the reason for that? Did Palace staff not have one-night stands before the internet or something? Pickup bars have been around since long before the Queen took the crown, and if you’re determined enough you can definitely be just as slutty via the real world as you can through the internet. I also resent hookup apps being described as “sleazy,” because again, how are they any sleazier than “old-fashioned” hookups? Chief Superintendent Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection, says these worries are nothing new:

“Historically this has always been a problem, even when I was in charge way before the introduction of these so-called dating apps…It makes a complete mockery of the security structure, unfortunately.”

First of all, let’s be real here: when it comes to mockeries of security, the Palace has nothing to be embarrassed about compared to the White House Secret Service. On this side of the pond, Tinder is the least of our worries. Second of all, unfortunately for Palace police, people (including their staff) like having sex, and nothing will change that – not even national security threats. I must have watched “My Date With The President’s Daughter” too many times and assumed even the most low-key of dates with people like heads of state or royals required a pat-down. Maybe the palace should take on the tactics of low-budget Disney movies and make guests undergo the same questioning. I’m guessing that working at the Palace actually makes it way easier for the staff to get laid. What better way to invite someone back to your place then telling them you hang out in the royal quarters and you breathe the same air as Kate Middleton on the regular? I’m pretty sure that would entice a partner to stay over, at least until they face the boner-killer that is a stern questioning by police when they head out for their walk of shame the next morning. [Daily Mail UK] [Image via Shutterstock]