Robot Hugs Breaks Down Our Cruddy Attitudes Toward Sex Workers

GOD I love Robot Hugs. Robot Hugs is the webcomic behind that amazing analysis of street harassment as a male attitude of ownership over public spaces and everything that exists in public spaces. One of their new strips addresses, well, strippers — or, more specifically, why men have ugly attitudes toward sex workers to whom they are patrons.

For this strip, RH collaborated with Vex, a woman who worked as a dancer and escort for many years and has some super-sharp observations to make about the issue. The hypothesis is, basically, that many professions have a performative element — therapists aren’t really your friends, actors aren’t really the characters they play, waiters only care about how your meal went insofar as they care about their tip — and sex work is no different. It’s a performance of desire and sexual availability. Because many men assume that women’s sexual availability should be on their terms, not the woman’s, they are angered by the fact that sex workers are in control of where the performance of availability begins and ends. Therefore they patronize strip clubs — use and enjoy the service they provide — but then denigrate the women providing the service.

It’s a compelling argument that’s made well by a woman who would know and I recommend very much that you take a few minutes pop over and read it — although possibly not at work, because boobs.

[Robot Hugs]

[Image via Robot Hugs]

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