Meghan Trainor Wants Us To Stop Overanalyzing Her Song Already

“They say the song is about putting skinny girls down or that girls need guys’ approval, but I just wrote a little three-minute pop song about how I felt about my body. I just write the way I talk, and I write about things I’ve experienced….People are always put off by something that’s fresh and new. When I first heard Rihanna I thought, ‘I’m not feeling this,’ and then I listened to her more and was all about it.”

 Meghan Trainor’s big hit “All About That Bass” sparked some big conversations about body shaming, the male gaze, and self-acceptance, but Meghan told The Daily Beast that she finds all the backlash somewhat ridiculous. For those of you wondering what she really meant to convey about body types in the song, she makes it pretty clear that she never read into it all that much. So there you have it! Now we can finally stop stressing over it, get on with our lives, and blast “All About That Bass” on repeat whenever we please. [The Daily Beast] [Image via Getty]