Halloween Costume Inspiration: Sad Mental Mellie From “Scandal”

Poor Mellie Grant. This season on “Scandal,” the spitfire First Lady is deep in mourning, losing her shit over the death of her son during last season’s finale. Sad Mental Mellie is in a bathrobe all the time, can’t stop eating greasy fried chicken and potato chips, and has no fucks to give about Fitz’s stupid political standing. She also makes for the world’s easiest, comfiest Halloween costume inspiration — and best off all, it comes with snacks!

Bathrobe: $24.99, Target
Chips: Any ol’ variety that you prefer, though Bellamy Young tweeted that she was eating sweet potato chips from Trader Joe’s
Lounge Pants: $17.99, Target
T-Shirt: $15, JC Penney
FUGGs/UGGs: $34.99, Amazon