Halloween Costume Inspiration: Rosebudding

Yes, rosebudding. What can I say? I am a weirdo who thinks Halloween costumes based on grotesque sexual non-trends are hilarious! All this costume requires is as much rose-printed clothing and accessories as you can find — the more hideous and clashing the better, as this costume is obviously not about beautiful aesthetics. Then, simply wear your iPhone or smartphone around your neck on a lanyard and when people ask, “What are you for Halloween?” you can simply reply, “Rosebudding! Check out this GIF!” They will be shocked and horrified, which is exactly what the Halloween spirit is all about!

Dress: $39.18, Louche, House Of Fraser
Clutch: $19.94, DSW
iPhone On A Lanyard: With the rosebudding GIF already loaded, naturally.
Socks: $12, Kate Spade, Lord & Taylor
Bun Ring: $8, Topshop
Sneakers: $31.20, Nasty Gal
Bomber Jacket: $47.48, MissGuided