“Twin Peaks” Is Returning To Television

  • “Twin Peaks” is returning to TV, and the internet is freaking out about it. In 2016, new episodes will air on Showtime for the first time since the show’s cancellation in 1991, back when it was on ABC. [VH1]
  • Amanda Bynes says she is engaged! Her fiance’s name is Caleb, he works at a bait shop and is 19 years old. We don’t have high hopes. Sorry. [Refinery 29]
  • Why was Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national who has the first ebola case in the United States, turned away from a hospital the first time he tried to seek treatment for his symptoms? A look at the race, class, and even insurance issues dictating the way the ebola epidemic is being handled. [The Root]
  • Bravo was rumored to have paid $325,000 for tonight’s upcoming interview with the prison-bound Giudices, former stars of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Bravo is now claiming that number isn’t accurate, but refuses to comment further. [Page Six]
  • NYC phone booths are tracking your habits in the name of capitalism. [Buzzfeed]
  • How did Bieber date so many ladies at once in Paris while his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez was there with him!? More importantly, how is his attitude remotely appealing to any of them? [Gawker]
  • Michael C. Hall is getting glammed up for his role in “Hedwig And The Angry Inch” on Broadway. [Pink Is The New Blog]
  • “Saturday Night Live” may have stolen a sketch from LA improv troupe the Groundlings. [NYMag.com]
  • Kanye bought champagne for a bachelorette party in New Orleans. [NYMag.com]