Hell Yes To This Documentary Series About Cosplaying!

YouTuber Todd Kenreck of Invader Boom has begun a documentary series on cosplaying called “Cosplay Boom,” the first episode of which has been released and future episodes of which depend on Kenreck’s fundraising efforts through crowd-funding site Patreon.

The first episode is really, really cool: It’s titled “Origins” and it’s a series of interviews with cosplayers and costumers on the subject of how they got into cosplay. You’d think that the biggest trend in their answers would be “I’m nerdy,” but really it’s more “This is so much fun!” There are people who cosplay because they admire the characters they’re cosplaying, and there are people who just like to dress up in costumes. (The gentleman dressed as Carl Fredericksen from “Up” is 100 percent my favorite.)

I can vouch for this: My sister and I grew up playing dress-up, graduated to theater, and neither of us really ever got it out of our bones. Now she does film makeup for a profession and I design masks in my free time. At the very least, it is certainly novel to dress and present yourself differently than you would in your day-to-day life.

Kenreck has huge ambitions for “Cosplay Boom” and the Patreon’s goals would be, ultimately, to create a book, app, and convention. They need patrons! If you love cosplay, head over to donate — the series is beautifully done, with music from “Mass Effect”’s composer Sam Hulick. [YouTube viaDaily Dot]

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