Facebook Apologizes To LGBT Community After Realizing One Troll Has Been Causing Most Of The Legal-Names Trouble

Is anyone else surprised that now that the two-week deadline for “real names” on Facebook is up, Facebook has apologized to the LGBT activists who have been fighting it and said that they’re “taking measures to provide much more deliberate customer service” to the owners of flagged accounts? I’m not. Facebook apologizes for everything, eventually, without ever really changing much of what they did wrong in the first place. No one knows what this “much more deliberate customer service” is actually going to look like, and the point remains that the legal name policy is inherently going to affect trans* people, drag queens and kings, and stalking victims negatively, even if they receive better customer service after the fact. The point also remains that Mark Zuckerberg claimed that having two names demonstrates a “lack of integrity” without discriminating between different instances of using two names.

This follows Facebook realizing that one person has been doing the majority of legal name flagging. The Daily Dot has a pretty extensive rundown of who this person is and what they’ve been doing. They apparently spent days and days at work, and a few hundred hours overall, reporting drag queens and others on Facebook and trolling on Twitter, first under the username @realnamespolice and, once that account was suspended, @realnamesback. (Sad.) They claim to just be doing it because they believe in the policy, but then they say that they’re reporting “sodomites and perverts” which makes you think that maybe, just maybe, they hate gay and trans* people.

So all in all, it sounds like not much is going to change for LGBT Facebook users in terms of being protected on Facebook and most of the trouble seems to be the product of one person’s vendetta against the community. Awesome.

[Daily Dot]
[Daily Dot]

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