Watch This Film By Oscar Winner Laurent Witz, Then Sign Up To Be An Organ Donor

The New York Organ Donor Network has launched a “Long Live New York” campaign to raise awareness and encourage others to sign up for organ donation. The campaign begins with this emotional short film, directed by Laurent Wintz, who won an Oscar for his short film “Mr. Hublot.” Ranking 49th out of 50 states, New York is definitely short on donors — and every other state could use more donors as well. Growing up, my dad always proudly told me that he was registered as an organ donor and that when I grew up, I should be too. When I got a bit older and a childhood friend died unexpectedly at 19, her organs were donated and over 50 lives were either saved or dramatically changed by her donation. It was nothing short of a miracle, and the only thing that made the sting of her death a little easier to handle.

Her desire to help others defined so much of her life, so it was gratifying to think that the last thing she ever did was give a gift to someone else. I made sure I was signed up to be a donor as well, and the only thing it required of me was about three minutes of my time. My dad is gone now too; and unfortunate as it is that after all his insistence, the circumstances of his passing weren’t right for him to be a donor, I think he’d be pretty impressed to know that Oscar-winning directors care enough about the cause to spread the word. If you live in the US, you can register to be an organ donor here. If you’re curious about what it means to be a donor (it’s pretty much effortless), you can learn more about it here. It’s basically the easiest way in the world to improve your karma! A few seconds of clicking could save a life someday.

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