Reddit, Why Haven’t You Removed This Pro-Rape Subreddit?

Hey guys, there’s a new baby subreddit called Philosophy of Rape that advocates for raping women. Not just advocates, of course, but gushes over it, calls it “Correction”-with-a-capital-C, says that it was historically a corrective action for sluts. I’ll get to the historical accuracy of that statement in a second, because the pure outrage is more important, but the pedant in me wants to debunk that bullshit, too.

As David Futrelle at We Hunted The Mammoth has pointed out, Reddit has doubtless been made aware of this subreddit. They did manage to take down the Fappening subreddit after it came to light that it included child pornography, but I guess that someone actively creating an actual rape subreddit and in so doing using, of course, dangerous, threatening hate speech about 51 percent of the human population is totally OK. I mean, by their rules, it is totally OK, because the only thing that’s not allowed is child pornography. Everything else? Free speech, bro!

“For the good of society these women need to be raped. Here we will teach how to do it safely.”

Free speech, bro!

“It is the harlots that are in the greatest need of corrective discipline and it is for these harlots that the appropriate punishment is most clear: rape. Simple, swift, brutal, rape. Impassioned and indiscriminate. A whole team of holy soldiers, cutting these abominations down to a place where their feeble heads can even see Their selves for the meek and lowly creatures they are, and will greatfully [sic] bow, averting their eyes in humility and spending their dazed working quietly, tending the home and reflecting on HOW they had once thought it fit to behave.”


I’m removing all of my Reddit accounts. I’m taking down my GW pictures, because even if GW is a safe space, I’m not going to let a site that tolerates the advocacy of rape host my nudes. I’m sure that’s a statement that would strike these pro-rape bros as funny because to them it would prove that I’m an “unmitigated slut” but, then again, I don’t believe that sluts even exist. It’s basically a made-up word that delusional men use to explain why they aren’t getting laid by someone or other — because these men believe themselves to be too morally pure for these sluts, which is why, in a fantastic logical leap, they can justify RAPE. Because they’re MORAL PEOPLE. (I’m not just talking about Philosophy of Rape either. I’m gonna go ahead and say that every person who calls any woman a “slut” contributes to this problem, because somewhere deep down inside, there’s the belief that sluttiness is a bad thing that necessarily comes with some form of consequences.)

Now, to that historical accuracy thing: No, in prehistory, rape was not used as corrective action against sluts. I don’t know where this guy gets his information, but rape has always been about Person A for one reason or another feeling like they are entitled to do as they wish with Person B’s body, not about Person A punishing Person B. Our rigid sense of morality about sex didn’t come into existence until around the time that Judeo-Christian religious cultures came into existence (oh, BTW, Jesus thought whores were cool — shoutout to Mary Magdalene!), and our gender roles didn’t really become codified until the 1700s-1800s. Rape has not — until recently, I guess — been a moral crusade, so bros, please do not try to use “history” to justify your degenerated ideas. But hey, this guy venerates Elliot Rodger, so I’m going to bet he’s not exactly operating at full critical-thinking capacity. Why let facts get in the way?

Reddit, seriously, take this DOWN.

[We Hunted the Mammoth]

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