Nick Jonas Drops Trou, Grabs His Junk In A New Photoshoot That’s Turning Me On

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m officially hot and bothered by one of the Jonas Brothers.

Nick Jonas is all grown up in a new issue of Flaunt Magazine, where the former boy-bander gives us a glimpse at his glorious ass dimples (yes, they’re actually nice, which is weird to me) AND his rather enticing package (which also seems very nice, but I will need further photographic evidence).

In an homage to Mark Wahlberg’s infamous Calvin Klein ad, Nick stripped down and grabbed his junk wearing nothing but his boxer briefs, and while it looks kind of “college frat bro,” as Amelia says, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers. Hell, I don’t care if he eats a sardine sandwich, because THAT BODY.

But please, someone tell me: how does he have such a cute butt crack, and how do I make my butt crack look cute like that? And last but not least, does anyone know a good therapist I can go to for wanting to do terrible, awful, delicious things to someone who used to be on The Disney Channel? Then again, so did Zac Efron, and he can eat the crackers, too.