Take These Poets’ Sex Advice

So I kind of hate admitting it when a piece of culture cuts straight to the core of everything that hurts me because I’m afraid that admitting it publicly will allow someone to use it to hurt me worse, but I love this slam poem so much — and that’s not something I expected to write today — that I just want everyone to watch it.

Poets Kaycee Filson and Desirée Dallagiacomo (can we be friends? I can tell we’d get along) start a conversation about women reclaiming our sexuality with the reasons that we have to, starting with sex tips in women’s magazines that have nothing to do with women’s sexual pleasure, but everything to do with (pretty bizarre) ways to make men come. We teach girls, this way, that we are empty vessels for men to fill and that is why they feel entitled to do so.

They share the ways that they’ve unlearned that lesson and taught themselves how to respect their own bodies first and foremost, ending on, “I am learning to take my body back.” Maybe it’s just that today’s not my best day, but the pride and courage of that statement is mixed, for me, with a lot of sadness that it is still a radical statement to make.

Anyway, watch it and heal. [YouTube via Huffington Post]

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