“Rape Culture In Music Videos” Report Card: “Animals” By Maroon 5

Literally equating women’s bodies with dead slabs of meat: A+

Frequency of camera angles reducing women’s bodies to parts-without-heads/brains/faces: A

Patrick Bateman resemblance: B+/A-

Trespassing into a woman’s home to take pictures of her and touch her while she sleeps: A+

Male persistence in pursuit of sex despite clear rejection from woman: A+

Fantasy sex scenes that portray man’s entitlement to consent even though the character of the woman has clearly not consented in real life: A+

Total lack of romantic object’s point of view: A+

Man obsessively poring over pictures of a woman in a dark room: A+

Replacement of sexual fluids with blood: A+

Insistence that romantic object “can’t deny” sexual attraction — literally speaking, is not capable of denying sexual attraction – despite the fact that she clearly did: A+


Great job, Maroon 5! GREAT. JOB.


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