Heroic Firefighters Save A Family Of Hamsters With Tiny Oxygen Masks

When a fire crew in Lacey, Washington arrived on the scene of a mobile home fire on September 26, they found a family of hamsters trapped in their cage inside the home. The firefighters put out the blaze quickly, but hamsters Oreo, Madonna, and their three babies weren’t doing so well, even as their owner protected one of them in her shirt pocket. The firefighters had trained with local veterinarians and even carried special pet rescue equipment with them, so they whipped out some tiny oxygen masks and turned to their “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide” to restore the hamsters’ health. All but one of the hamsters survived and are back to living their happy lives. The fire was believed to be caused by a dryer malfunction, and the department is reminding its Twitter followers not to leave the house or sleep while laundry is in the dryer.

Battallion Chief Tim Hulse told the Huffington Post, “We see people most often when they are having a terrible day. We go out of our way to try and turn that around. It might be a cardiac arrest save, or when their house catches fire, [or] taking care of the family pets. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking someone’s groceries to their home after they are in a bad car accident.” BRB, crying happy tears that the world is actually nice sometimes.


[Image via Twitter]