A Pair Of Socks Sparked One Of The Dumbest Arguments I’ve Ever Seen On The Internet

Generally, when I have a complaint about a product or service — even ComCast! — I tend to approach my complaint by prefacing it with an acknowledgement that there are real human beings on the other end, and while I may be angry or frustrated, I’m not meaning to take it out on them and sorry if it comes off that way, etc. etc. I do that because I worked in customer service of one kind or another for a long, long time and had to smile while people told me offensive shit about me, my coworkers, and the products we made.

Tell that to Cindy Phillips, who saw a pair of socks she thinks are sexist and decided to write to the company, BlueQ, thusly: “I hate everything you stand for and your stupid, ugly, antifeminist socks.”

I mean, to be fair, the socks are marketed at women and are pretty gross. They say “The three things I hate most are math.” I sure as hell wouldn’t buy them. I don’t like the perpetuation of the idea that women are bad at science and math, and these socks really aren’t, as the company claims, just about not liking math, they’re about being bad at the entire concept of numbers. But, look, BlueQ’s other socks are pretty all right. If anyone wants to buy me a pair of these “Men Ruin Things” socks I will wear them and they will keep me company every time I try to go to deposit a check, pick up some athletic tape, get some supplements, go to the gym, hang out with friends, get a sandwich, go grocery shopping, or in general exist in public and cannot do it without men letting me know they want to fuck me.

That being said, BlueQ decided to respond by calling Cindy a “crazy bitch” and telling her to unbunch her panties and air out her vagina. They also gaslighted the fuck out of her, telling her that the way she approached her complaint renders her argument about the socks invalid.



All I see is one person taking her frustration out on a company she thought would be faceless and then the real people at that company taking out their frustration on the customer. Here’s a good gauge for bullshit: If your conversation could be improved by passive-aggression, you are forehead-deep in cow poo.

Still, I want those socks.



[Image via BlueQ]

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