George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin’s Wedding Album Covers People, Hello! Magazines

  • Notoriously private former bachelor George Clooney and his new bride Amal Alamuddin have sold their exclusive wedding album to People and Hello!, appearing on this week’s covers and further solidifying my long-standing belief that this marriage is a precursor to Clooney running for public office. All y’all who doubt this will be proven wrong, MARK MY WORDS. Gorgeous photos though. [People]
  • Lena Dunham, whose new memoir/advice book hits shelves today, was called out yesterday by Gawker for soliciting unpaid performers for her upcoming book tour, despite being totally rich. Dunham then responded to the criticism by promising that the performers will indeed be monetarily compensated. Say what you want about Lena, but I think it’s admirable that she’s one of the few celebs to thoughtfully listen to criticism and make changes in a swift manner. [Gawker]
  • Why “One Man’s Trash” — costarring Patrick Wilson — is the best episode of “Girls.” [Decider]
  • Brian Austin Green joined Instagram by posting a bunch of pics of his rarely seen children with Megan Fox. Cute! [Us Weekly]
  • Why was this woman jailed for one month for possession of Spaghetti-O’s? Is that a crime? [Death & Taxes]
  • If Tyrion Lannister quotes were motivational posters… [Buzzfeed]
  • So there’s a soon-to-be opened storefront in my neighbor with a sign saying that “NYC’s first bar for pregnant women” is on its way. It’s called Gestations. WTF. [Jezebel]
  • Rumer Willis has a new tattoo! She got the word “sauce” inked on her hand. Hey, I like sauce. Sauce is yummy. [E! Onine]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has broken up with yet another Victoria’s Secret model. Are there any left for him to date? [OK!]