Samy Bouzaglo Of “Kitchen Nightmares”/Amy’s Baking Company Brought A Butter Knife To A Nothing-Fight

Ohhhh myyyy godddd guuuyyyysss: Samy Bouzaglo of Amy’s Baking Company/”Kitchen Nightmares” fame tried to stab someone with a butter knife, so he and Amy are on TV again.

My boyfriend and I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch TV, but I would for the occasions on which the Bouzaglos are being … the Bouzaglos. I love them so much. (You might notice a trend: Tacky people are my fave.) The great thing about them is that they’re just completely bonkers — it’s not that they’re doing it for the cameras, it’s not that they’re trying to get on TV, it’s that they’re legit out of control. I mean, yeah, they tried to get on TV by going on “Kitchen Nightmares,” but their intention was to be vindicated and instead they became notorious for being deranged narcissists, so it kind of blew up in their faces.

A butter knife, guys. I mean, just visualize the scene in the parking lot, Amy trying to hold Samy back from trying to stab someone with a butter knife. Close your eyes and picture that. They are drama vampires. They manufacture out-of-proportion rage so that they can make empty threats to strangers (a butter knife) and reassure each other of their righteousness. I’m not saying it’s like quality, intellectual humor, but it is the most beautiful, unironic trainwreck on television. [Kitchenette]

[Image via Amy’s Baking Company]