Tell Your Story Through Style: 4 Tips From “Orange Is The New Black” Costume Designer Jenn Rogien

Whether you realize it or not, your clothes tell the story of “you.” From night shift nurses who spend their downtime watching college football to working moms who enjoy long morning hikes and good wine, our personalities and hobbies are often reflected in what we choose to wear. Jenn Rogien, the costume designer for hit shows “Orange Is The New Black” and “Girls,” is no stranger to storytelling through style. “Style is a powerful visual expression of a woman, her best traits and the aspects of her life that matter most to her. Each woman, just like every character, has her own story,” she says. “I’m fortunate enough to bring some truly memorable characters to life using their wardrobe as a visual storytelling element.” Jenn has partnered up with T.J.Maxx to help women tell their own style stories, and has four important tips to help women visually express who they are.

Find Your Style, And Tell Your Story:  Just like actors in TV shows and movies, you are your own character and the clothes you wear and way you style your home help to define your personality to those around you. You may show off your cheery disposition with bright colors and pops of accessories, or express your sensitive side with soft fabrics in muted tones.

Let Your Life Shine Through:  Let your interests, passions and aspirations shine through when you are creating an outfit or look in your home. If school is on the horizon, a menswear inspired blazer and a stylish leather back-pack conveys your new adventure.  If you are hoping for a promotion at work, you may look to build up a collection of tailored made pieces.  Planning a dinner party to celebrate an event may mean that your home is transformed with updated table decor that showcase the occasion.

Wear Trends In A Way That Works for You: You don’t need to follow every new trend to be fashionable. Find the ones that work with your style and for your personality.  Look for those perfect pieces that will make you feel good about who you are. Start by finding a few pieces that reflect your style – a statement necklace, a leather handbag, a new table top accessory.

Update Your Look As Your Journey Evolves:  It takes a lot of trial and error to find a personal style that shows off your true self.  Self-expression is a journey, not a destination, and to communicate who you are you don’t need to reinvent your entire wardrobe or home all in one go. Instead, update it by heading to places like T.J.Maxx where you’ll find high quality, brand name designer pieces at prices that won’t break the bank. Most importantly, wear and display what makes you feel like you!