Surprise, Surprise: Elite Daily Wants You To Take These White Guy Climate “Brotesters” Seriously

What’s a brotest, you ask? Oh, you don’t ask, because you immediately get the idea? Let this red-Kool-Aid-swilling Reagansexual elaborate anyway:

It derives from when we see evil in the world, and bros are sent to fix it.

He’s referring to the People’s Climate March, by the way.


So, this is a bunch of white guys who belong to a frat at King’s College in New York City. They decided to “brotest the protest” because to them, while climate change is concerning, the really pressing issue is upholding capitalism. “Blaming it on capitalism is the wrong thing. Capitalism is what built this country.”

ಠ_ಠ  ಠ_ಠ  ಠ_ಠ

How did this guy get into college, again? Yes, capitalism is what built this country. Also: Genocide and slavery. In fact, slavery built American capitalism! Fancy that. Furthermore, actually, the fact that the global economy is so motivated by profit that they allow corporations to do trillions of dollars worth of environmental damage, releasing tons of pollutants into the air (and water, and soil, and in increasing amounts, among the top 50 polluters) every year without ever having to remit it in any way whatsoever so that they can make the largest possible profit is exactly why the climate is so fucked. By the way, this point of view is founded on an American exceptionalist red herring — America is not the world’s top polluter. That’s actually China, and Qatar is the largest polluter per capita. So it’s really not an issue of what America was built on, because it’s not just America contributing to the problem and it’s not just America that can fix it. I bet they also think that Reagan had literally anything to do with the destruction of the Berlin Wall, because neither Russians nor the East Germans had the wherewithal or motivation to use their brains without the Gipper telling them what to do. Additionally: Of course bros are sent to fix it, because only white guys really know what to do — hence the belief in America’s foundation on capitalism while conveniently brushing slavery under the rug (if you wonder why I keep bringing up slavery regarding a climate protest, it’s because I object to the idea of profit at any cost).

Of course, Elite Daily says we should be taking these guys seriously, but that’s really fuckin’ hard to do when they’re living in a willfully ignorant little bubble. A+ to everyone involved in the production of this video, and by “A+” I mean “F.” Just “F.”

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