Shock-Absorbent Pneumatic High Heels: I Have So Many Questions

Designer Silvia Fado has constructed a new line of high heels that use shock-absorbent pneumatics, hydraulics, and rubber, and design normally reserved for sports footwear to create an ergonomic high-heeled experience.

I won’t even ask if you can afford buying them because the answer is “probably not”: On Fado’s page for the Kinetic Traces footwear line, there are no prices, just an invitation to contact them if you’d like to have a pair made for yourself (a commercial line will be out later in the year). They are truly beautiful shoes, albeit — to me, at least — kind of intimidating. I’m recovering from a jacked-up ankle and I want none of that.

What about you? Would you wear these? What would you wear with these? When would you wear them? If the idea is to have heels that work with your body’s movement, the point is to actually walk around in them, right? How much longer can you walk around in the Kinetic Traces shoes than you would be able to in Louboutins before you start experiencing extreme discomfort? I have so many questions about the practical application, here. Answers, people, answers.


[Silvia Fado]

[Image via PFSK/Silvia Fado]