UChicago “Electronic Army” Responds To Rapist List With Threats

So today in Great Achievements in Academia, some really horrible students (presumably) at the University of Chicago calling themselves the “University Electronic Army” responded to the UChicago “rapist list” thusly:

“The UEA decided that all of the feminists, SJWs, Tumblrfags, privilege checkers, humanities majors, and everyone else who faps to the word ‘triggered’ need to be reminded who’s boss around here.”

Right. Misogynists. As if women, feminists, social justice activists, and humanities majors like, say, gender studies majors or history majors really need to be reminded of all the factual, documented evidence — to which the UEA is contributing, so thanks for backing us up, guys — that misogyny is systemic and institutionalized, and that men-as-a-group have been entrenching themselves in power for centuries by legislating against women and creating cultural norms that keep us disenfranchised.

Let me be angry for a second here: For the fourth-best school in the country, the University of Chicago sure seems to be admitting people whose entire worldview is decidedly anti-intellectual and willfully ignorant of history, sociology, context. So now victims of assault and abuse are not only facing the reality of the occurrence of rape on campus and neglect from the administration, but active threats from other students.

I stand by my opinion that a “rapist list” is an inappropriate and entitled thing to publish, but the point remains that it was an attempt to get justice. This is in no way a proportionate response, nor one that will actually help students if they’ve been falsely accused. Remind me to stay away from Hyde Park for a while. [Feministing]