Jessica Simpson Is Embracing Body Positivity These Days

“If anything, it empowered me to rise above and stand up for all the women out there that do have trouble losing the weight and it just wasn’t really my priority to please the public and make them feel like I’m supposed to be looking like I did when I was 25.”

These past few years, tabloids have been super cruel to Jessica Simpson over her fluctuating weight. Having two babies changed her shape, and when Matt Lauer talked to her about it on “Today,” he (kind of rudely) asked whether she felt extra pressure to lose baby weight because she “had been known as a sex symbol for so long.” Jessica didn’t see things that way at all:

“I don’t think that I wasn’t still a sex symbol. I mean, to my husband I was still extremely sexy … I’m not saying that [negative body comments] didn’t hurt. I’m a woman, I have feelings and hormones. I got emotional about it at times but if anything I just kind of wanted to be a champion for other women and say ‘we can do this.'”

Jessica, who’s a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, has spoken publicly about the pressure she felt from her management back in her pop star days to stay an impossibly small size. If her public presence over the years is any indication, she’s struggled with her body image a lot (as I imagine anybody subject to Hollywood’s crazy image standards would). It’s pretty kickass that her views have evolved and she’s over taking care of her body for anyone but herself. The whole “baby weight” concept that goes into hyperdrive the instant a baby is born is ridiculous in itself and taints a really special time in a mom’s life. I hope Jessica’s refusal to buy into it will remind the rest of us to do the same.

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