Drake Got An Emoji Tattoo

So Drake got an emoji tattoo, and just to skip the suspense, I’m gonna tell you that it’s the emoji that’s either praying hands if you like to think that the radials coming off of the hands represent some kind of divine glow, or a high-five if you like to think that the radials are supposed to represent the sound of a high five. Obviously I’m in the latter category.

It never occurred to me to get an emoji tattoo, but as the Daily Dot article on Drake’s emoji points out, this is apparently some kind of mild trend. Now I’m thinking about what I’d get. Actually, I know what I’d get: Poo-fire-poo-fire. The poo on its own is adorable, but proximity to the fire makes it look deranged, for maximal comedic effect. It’s good for emphasizing very strong positive feelings. Try it sometime.

My nomination for most random possible emoji tattoo: The cell phone with the “off” text over it. I dare someone to get it. Whenever someone asks you what it means, just reply, “What doesn’t it mean?” I’ll make you cookies!

What emoji would you get tattooed on you? [The Daily Dot]

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