The Emma Watson Nudes Threat Was A Hoax, And Also F**k Rantic

They said it couldn’t be done, and I believed them: Fake internet marketing company Rantic made themselves look worse than 4chan trolls.

It turns out the trolls aren’t behind the Emma Watson nude photo leak threat. I mean, it speaks volumes that no one would put it past them to hear a speech as dignified and overall tame as Emma Watson’s address to the UN on gender equality and decide that she’s a hateful “feminazi” monster who deserves to be threatened into silence, but it turns out that even 4chan aren’t exactly the absolute shoe-scrapings of the internet – inasmuch as they weren’t the originators of the idea, anyway, just the people who glommed on and thought it was a reasonable idea.

No, Rantic started it all.They’ve been associated with internet hoaxes before. When their countdown timer went off, instead of leaking nudes of Watson, they released a (completely improbable) statement saying that they were hired by celebrities to expose 4chan as a “terrorist group.” Then they popped up on Twitter and tried really, really hard to make “shut down 4chan” the new fetch, probably to incite the wrath of 4chan. What it boils down to is that all of this was for pageviews and ad money.

What’s worse: Making a threat to leak nudes because you hate feminists, or making a threat to leak nudes to collect ad money? I can’t decide. It is nice that for once, 4chan got trolled along with the rest of us.

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