Taco Bell Is A Lie

I don’t know why I expected better from Taco Bell, but here’s what puts the nail in the coffin of any faith I had in them: Apparently you can just throw any — or all — of their ingredients together, in any proportion, and come out of it with an acceptable product.

What is that? That is not how food is supposed to work. Usually if you just throw 15 ingredients together in a random pattern, your recipe is destined to taste like crud. What that means is that Taco Bell’s ingredients are so bland/salty/sugary that it just doesn’t make a difference what you do with them. What that also means is that any “new” product they come up with basically just tastes like every other product on the menu, and we’re fooling ourselves with marketing-speak.

Which is not to say I wouldn’t eat there if I really, really needed some starch. It’s still better than Denny’s. [Consumerist]

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