Passenger Shaming Instagram Gloriously Calls Out The Rudest Flyers Among Us

At last, a solution to those select selfish douchebags who ruin everyone else’s flying experience — embarrass them on the internet! In elementary school, whenever we leaned back in our chairs, scratched up our desks, or generally defiled anything that was communal property, our teacher would ask, “You wouldn’t behave like that in your own house, would you?” (Sometimes the answer really was “yes,” but that’s neither here nor there.) The Instagram and Facebook account Passenger Shaming asks this exact question without ever having to actually say it. Passenger Shaming is awesomely self-described as “photos of assholes taken by anonymous flight attendants & passengers from all over the world. Don’t end up here.” It’s captured shots of passengers kicking up their bare feet next other flyers’ heads, making gigantic messes under their seats, peeing in the bathroom sink, and just being all-around shitty people to the hundred or so other passengers who are stuck in a metal tube with them.

Some people might say posting these flyers’ pictures is some kind of violation of privacy, but I feel zero sympathy for these people. When someone chooses to be that rude in public (really, a shared airplane is just as public as a subway car or a city bus), they choose to risk being called out for it. They also make life way harder for the flight attendants who are trying to get us from Point A to Point B without having to take on the role of a kindergarten teacher to get grown adults to behave on the plane. People say the air travel biz has become undignified, but it looks the decline in basic common courtesy is to blame more than anything else. Rude passengers, if you make the rest of us suffer through a horrendous six-hour flight with your sweaty bare feet encroaching on our personal space bubble, the least we can get out of it is a few minutes of internet laughter at your expense.

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[Image via Facebook]