James Franco And His Poetry Must Be Stopped

I might actually buy James Franco’s new poetry/photography/story collection, Hollywood Dreaming, but I’ll buy it from Amazon because I want him to get as little profit as possible from this book. For the love of all that is good and holy, James Franco, please just stop.

Some of the best tidbits from the book, as presented by Oh No They Didn’t (never has the title of that blog been more appropriate):

On himself, in the voice of Lindsay Lohan: “He didn’t fuck me, that shit.”

On Sean Penn: “In Milk, you were such/ a fine homo.”

On Riff Raff: “In his clownish way, he’s a good rhymer.”


This sparked a debate at The Frisky: What’s worse, James Franco’s poetry or Miley Cyrus’s art? I say Franco’s poetry. Miley Cyrus’s art has a legitimate artistic precedent (the artwork of Jeff Koons, Lynda Benglis, among others), whereas the precedent for James Franco’s poetry is everyone’s eighth-grade notebook. Playing Allen Ginsberg is not actual preparation for being a poet, FYI.