Compassionate Fashion: Help This Ethically Made Line Of Pashminas Support Kashmir Artisans

As many of us have learned the hard way, ethically made clothing can be really, really hard to find. Shawl Wallah is a refreshing alternative to sweatshop-made scarves — the brand creates Pashminas by employing a cooperative of families in Kashmir, Northern India, where Pashmina originated. To make the beautiful scarves Shawl Wallah sells, super fine Pashmina hair is combed from goats’ coats, spun into wool, colored with vegetable dye and then handwoven in a process that can take up to two weeks for one shawl. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $25,000 to help the business grow, increase order quantities to ensure artisans have enough to live on, eventually lower the price of the product, and increase marketing for more of an opportunity to do good in the world. As they say on their Kickstarter page, the project’s aim to create more positive change “always was, always has been, and always will be all for the kids” of Kashmir. In fact, Shawl Wallah commits to donate 20 percent of the shawls’ sale price to Save the Children to support the young people of Kashmir.

In case I haven’t sounded gushy enough yet, I think what they’re doing is really amazing, and it’ such an easy way to make an impact on a stranger’s life. Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the suffering in the world and feel powerless to stop it? Supporting this campaign is one super simple thing you can do to bring a little more joy into the world. This is an especially critical time for the region as Kashmir is reeling from the effects of devastating floods, and initiatives like this one can help families recover. Their lives are enriched, and you get a cute shawl — everybody wins! The campaign ends on October 3, so if you’re inclined, make a donation as soon as you’re able! If you think their mission is as awesome as I do, spread the word! Tell everyone you know, because a voice is the one thing we all have to share.