Chelsea Manning Sues Government For Treatment For Gender Dysphoria

  • Chelsea Manning, the army private who was convicted of leaking documents to Wikileaks, is suing the federal government for medical treatment for gender dysphoria. Manning, who previously went by the name Bradley Manning, is serving time in a military prison, but has not had access to hormone therapy. (A request to be moved to a civilian prison where such medical treatment might be more likely to exist was denied.) In her lawsuit with the ACLU, Manning is also asking for “permission to follow female grooming standards” and a doctor trained to treat gender dysphoria. [LA Times]
  • Bill Frezza, the Forbes contributor who wrote a piece arguing that “drunk female guests” pose the “gravest threat” to frats, will no longer be writing for the site. [New York Daily News]
  • A new bill would make emergency contraception (the morning-after pill) accessible to any sexual assault survivor in any hospital that receives federal funding, including Catholic hospitals. [RH Reality Check]
  • The NYPD is investigating an incident where a pregnant woman appears to have been slammed to the ground. [The Grio]
  • On the economic case for paternity leave. [The Atlantic]
  • On why Emma Watson’s feminist advocacy isn’t quite the “game changer” its been reputed to be. [xoJane]
  • J. California Cooper, a short story author and playwright, has died at 82. [Clutch Magazine]

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