OK, So Maybe Jasmine Tridevil’s Third Boob Is Fake – I Don’t Care

OK fine, whatever, so Jasmine Tridevil’s third boob is kind of improbable. Maybe it’s prosthetic. I’m just going to believe in tri-boob like I used to believe in Santa Claus.

Those kindly buzzkills at The Daily Dot decided to debunk the tri-boob by, you know, talking to plastic surgeons about it. I accept that the plastic surgeon they talked to says that if she were to be able to find a surgeon to do it, the middle boob wouldn’t end up looking like it does in her pictures.

However, my point from yesterday still stands: Why is it immoral to give someone a third boob if she wants it? How is it “deforming”? She wanted it. She has her own idea for what she wants to look like. She should be able to achieve it with her own gall-derned money. We do it for women who want to look like Barbie and men who want to look like Justin Bieber; why shouldn’t we do it for women who want to look like the chick in Total Recall?

Also, I will still watch her reality show if and when she gets one. If this is all an elaborate hoax, it just makes her more interesting. [The Daily Dot]

[Image via TMZ/WTSP]