Care To Try A Beer-Flavored Starbucks Latte?

Pumpkin spice lattes not your thing? No worries: Starbucks is currently testing out its new Dark Barrel Latte, which is inspired by “the rise of craft beers” and meant to taste like “roasted malt” (a.k.a Guinness covered in whipped cream). The drink doesn’t have any alcohol in it, but it does include caramel and “stout flavored” sauce mixed in with its milk and espresso base.

The beer latte is being tested in a few stores in Ohio and Florida, and so far, people aren’t really sure what to think. Among those who have tried the beverage, it’s just about agreed across the board that the drink does taste like Irish stout, but nobody really knows how to process that information. Isn’t Starbucks breaking some kind of fourth wall or something by trying to mimic the one beverage Americans might love more than coffee?

This sounds like an attempt to market to the average middle-aged American dude (like, say, my late father who this drink was seemingly invented for) who drinks diner coffee all day long and loves a Guinness after work, but has remained stubbornly disinterested in the land of overcomplicated yuppie espresso drinks. Well played, Starbucks! If they can dominate this demographic that is basically the opposite of the customers they’ve already won over, they’ll own pretty much every coffee drinker in the country. For that to happen, though, this Dark Barrel Latte has to actually taste good – unless, of course, I’ve missed the mark and the real goal is to appeal to 20-something wannabe craft beer snobs. They’ll probably just pretend to like it regardless to seem cool, so that’s an easy market to tackle, too.

Either way, I’m down to try it. Would you drink a beer latte?



[Image via Shutterstock]