Sarah Palin Is So Proud That Bristol Palin Allegedly Punched Some Guy “Repeatedly” At A Party

In Sarah Palin World — by which I mean not the state of Alaska but a state of mind — everything can be explained with a jab at the liberal media and a few references to Jesus. And after two weeks of silence regarding her family’s participation in a bloody brawl at a snowmobile party in Anchorage, Sarah Palin did not disappoint.

On Friday, the former governor of Alaska posted a message on her Facebook page praising her daughter Bristol as a “straight shooter” who defended the family during the brawl  — which is not mentioned directly, but obviously being alluded to with this post.

The fracas supposedly began after some sort of altercation with Willow Palin’s ex-boyfriend; it ended with son Track breaking four ribs and Todd Palin nursing a bloody nose. Local bloggers in Alaska have reported that Bristol, operating a “mean right hook,” “repeatedly” punched a male party guest in the face. Another partygoer, Roberta Thompson, told Talking Points Memo that she saw Bristol punching a man in the face and it was “quite, quite violent.”

But kudos to the Palin family for the clever redirection — instead of a violent assault on others, the incident was an attack on the family defended by her darling children.

Oh, Palins. Don’t go changing. (Not that you ever will.)

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[Image via Sarah Pain’s Facebook page]