Clemson’s Title IX Training Program Suspended Over Privacy Concerns

Stories like this drive me crazy: Clemson University was forced to pull a well-intended Title IX training program for their students because it included a survey about student sexual behavior that was ostensibly anonymous but required the students to be logged in with their student IDs.

A few thoughts: First, could they sacrifice design and just make a Google form? It’s easier to make that anonymous and you can still hand the data over to a third-party company to analyze. Second, could they make the survey optional? Third, did they bother to explain why they were asking the students about their sexual histories before the survey began?

It’s awesome that the university made a good faith effort to address Title IX issues with their students, and the point of the survey is worthy — to make data about sexual trends among students available to the students so that they aren’t just operating on hearsay and don’t feel pressured. The reality of student sex lives has been shown to not live up to talk. But come on — anonymity concerns? It sucks that the whole program was suspended over a problem that’s so easy to solve.

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