Chicago Bear Brandon Marshall Is Being Sued For Domestic Abuse

First Ray Rice, then Adrian Peterson, now Brandon Marshall: A third NFL player in just 10 days has been brought into the spotlight for allegedly abusing someone close to him.

It’s not that September 2014 is just the equivalent of a full moon for NFL players, when all of a sudden they become violent toward their girlfriends, fiancées, wives, and children. It happens year round. Ten NFL players in the last two years have been arrested on domestic violence charges.

It’s also not that the league isn’t populated by mostly decent-to-good human beings, either, but it’s that the NFL doesn’t care as much about either its players or their families as it does about keeping itself as profitable as possible. Kate Harding at Dame pointed out that the NFL has been negligent toward players who have brain injuries while it’s continued covering up their abuse scandals. She calls for a boycott of the NFL — and that’s starting to seem like the ethical course of action in order to support both the players and their loved ones.

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