Cheating Dude Confronted By All Three Of His Girlfriends At The Airport

Charlie Fisher, a 20-year-old from England, thought he had it made during the roughly six months that he was dating three girls at once. Becky Connery, 17, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham, 19, and a third girlfriend who’d like to stay anonymous, each thought they had Charlie all to themselves – until they tracked each other down online. According to his now-exes, all three of them had their suspicions while dating Charlie. He heavily guarded his phone history, always knew the right, clever words to say to get himself out of sticky situations and would often tell them he was going to hang out with a male friend when he was actually on his way to see one of his other girlfriends. The three ladies met up at a pub while he was out of the country on vacation and decided to confront him at the airport when he returned home.

When Charlie left customs at the airport, he was greeted with the three of them shouting “Liar, liar!” He tried to avoid his lovers and even asked why they would do such a thing (um, seriously dude?). His grandma was there to give him a ride home from the airport and he booked it to her car, fleeing as fast as he could, the girlfriends following him and calling him out all the while. Without Charlie taking up space in their lives, the three women have become good friends and have no idea what they saw in that dude in the first place. Becky tweeted about the confrontation and is now being called a hero by pretty much the whole internet. She told the Daily Mail, “I’m so glad we confronted him — it’s not the 16th century any more — girls don’t have to put up with this.”

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