Beyonce Was Drinking Champagne This Weekend So I Guess She’s Not Preggo After All

It appears that Bey and Jay were beginning to panic that the world was finally bored of wondering if ther marriage was on the rocks, so they upped the stakes by hinting at a pregnancy over the weekend. At one of the last performances of their “On The Run” tour, Jay Z changed a lyric in “Beach Is Better” from “I replace it with another one” to “pregnant with another one.” Not surprisingly, the world exploded a tiny bit with questions about a second Carter baby. Unfortunately for these two, however, the universe is kind of getting sick of their vague gossip-mongering, so the freak-out wasn’t as epic as they probably expected. But alas, yesterday Beyonce was spotted in a tweet seemingly partaking in a champagne to toast the end of the tour.

The photo essay the tweet links to shows her partying it up, and while it doesn’t prove anything, it definitely leans toward a not-so-pregnant Queen (just to be clear, I generally think theorizing about the status of a woman’s womb is about the douchiest invasion of privacy in the world, but the Carters made it our business by publicly inviting these opinions with that publicity stunt of a lyric change). Mr. and Mrs. Carter, I love you forever and respect that you run the world, but you’ve cried wolf one too many times. From elevator gate to your maybe-divorce to even details of the tour, we know the routine by now. You make an attempt to throw off your fans by planting the seeds of some epic/potentially fabricated theory and then leave us with nothing but radio silence and twee Photoshopped Instagram pictures. At this point, it’s just kind of rude. Your fans are buying your albums and paying for all your mansions, you know? Maybe at least let them know you’re on their side occasionally? Over it. [Cosmopolitan]