30 Reasons To Love Prince Harry On His 30th Birthday

The life of Prince Harry has many a twist and turn. The dubious parentage! The mother’s tragic early death! The Nazi costume! The endless parade of high society blonde girlfriends! The butt-naked Vegas photos! It would be easy to write Harry off as a spoiled, rich idiot — and, well, that would probably be fair. But in my opinion, he’s the most relatable member of the royal family: unlike his dullard brother and dad, Harry is known for having fun, making very public mistakes, and all around seeming like a real human.

He’s always struck me as someone who genuinely seems to enjoy his philanthropic endeavors with orphaned children, disabled veterans, and people suffering from AIDS. More importantly, people seem to like him.

In honor of his 30th birthday today, here are 30 good reasons to love Prince Harry:

  1. He gets naked at a party. (That’s our kind of party!)
  2. He once swallowed a live goldfish.
  3. He has managed not to knock anyone up yet (that we know of) so we know he uses contraception responsibly!
  4. For Christmas, he reportedly gave Queen Elizabeth a shower cap that says “Ain’t life a bitch” on it.
  5. He likes pot.
  6. He can fly a helicopter.
  7. He has zero fucks to give because, with baby #2 on the way, he’s fifth in line to the throne.
  8. He handles rumors like a pro. Everyone always talks about he’s not even Prince Charles’ kid and he doesn’t give a shit.
  9. He had a sexy beard for a hot second.
  10. Then his grandma made him shave it and he did.
  11. He picked his nose as a child, just like a normal human.
  12. He seemed to have weathered an existential crisis regarding the fact he was born the “spare.”
  13. He has said nice things about his father’s former mistress/his current stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles in the press, even though no one would really blame him if he didn’t.
  14. He cried in Brazil when he met a group of orphans because they reminded him of his mother’s death, and well, do we really need to remind you that a sensitive dude in touch with his feelings is hot?
  15. He survived braces as an adolescent.
  16. He looks good in everything: Army fatigues, shirt and jeans, his birthday suit.
  17. He went to the Jersey Shore to see areas hit by Superstorm Sandy, and gamely played Boardwalk games with Governor Chris Christie, apparently oblivious to the fact Americans think he is the worst.
  18. He’s willing to say he “loves kids.”
  19. Much better hair than his bro.
  20. To raise money for  a wounded soldiers’ charity, he trekked across Antarctica with a team from Walking With The Wounded.
  21. He wouldn’t talk about his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy in the media because “once I start talking, I have left myself open.”
  22. He vacations like a boss. Don’t you want to go to Vegas with him?
  23. He once helped capture a mugger.
  24. This quote: “To be honest dinner conversations was the worst bit about being a child and listening to the boring people around me. You can imagine the kind of dinner parties I had to go to at a young age…pretty dull.”
  25. He’s willing to do goofy things for the cameras, like pretend to race Usain Bolt or try to beat Ryan Lochte at swimming.
  26. He didn’t have secret henchman assassinate the entire cast and crew behind the reality TV show “I Wanna Marry Harry,” even though he totally could have.
  27. He can appreciate a good photobomb.
  28. If he hadn’t been born a prince, he has said he would like to be a safari guide in Africa. (“I would never want to be stuck behind a computer desk in the City.”)
  29. He has a cute butt. Why do you think anyone watches polo?
  30. THAT FACE.

Happy birthday, Harry!

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