16 Reasons Tights Season Is Awesome

I’m a summer baby through and through, so while a part of me is mourning the sudden drop in temperature outside, another part  is secretly thrilled because tights season is here! Tights season may not be a designated thing, but it should be. They may give the impression that they require effort and an air of fanciness to wear in everyday life, but they’re actually the easiest piece of clothing around for even the laziest among us.

Here are 16 reasons to jump on the tights bandwagon:

  1. No need to shave your legs.
  2. They’re an easy way to add color to your wardrobe.
  3. They look really sexy when you roll them off your leg.
  4. If your pants rip, it’s a headache and a half to fix them if they’re even worth saving. If your tights start to run, all it takes is a touch of clear nail polish and they’re good to go.
  5. They come in a million different patterns.
  6. The right pair can make your legs feel more comfy and unrestricted than sweats. Who needs pants anyway?
  7. They go with ALL shoes.
  8.  A pair of black tights can be paired with just about anything in your winter wardrobe.
  9. They’re a way to retain a sense of your shape under all the heavy coats and layers that come with cold weather.
  10. They’re relatively inexpensive to stock up on.
  11. They can be a slightly fancier upgrade to leggings while still getting out of wearing pants.
  12. You can wear much shorter skirts than you could with bare legs without the fear of accidentally flashing the neighborhood.
  13. There’s nothing to zip up!
  14. A stretchy pair can accommodate a food baby in a way that jeans just never could.
  15. Cable knit tights are a new kind of heaven.
  16. They make the dead of a winter just a tiny bit more cheerful.

[Image via Shutterstock]