“Women Draw Penises” Reverses The Male Gaze In The Best Book You Never Knew You Needed

Remember when a bunch of gay men started drawing vaginas as they see them and it kind of blew people’s minds? Philadelphia writer and artist Alex Millard remembers too, and she was struck by the fact that the project exists on the notion that lots of people have no idea what vaginas really look like, whereas phallic images are all over the place. As she puts it, “Almost every person on the planet has encountered the penis in its real or figurative form, consensually or non-consensually, once or multiple times. Penises and their various manifestations dominate our architecture, slang, and organizational structures.” So, she launched a brilliant project of her own — Women Draw Penises.

Millard will put together a book of penis drawings made by women (as well as genderqueer, non-gender-binary and transgender artists) to reverse the male gaze and find new ways of looking at the ever-present dong. Millard is looking for submissions, so if you’re a creative penis-gazer, now’s your chance to share! Drawing submissions can include up to six words of explanation, but no more, because this project “is in response the male gaze, which often does not come with more than six words.” The project has already reached the funding it needs to produce an ebook, and the massive amount of submissions Millard received inspired her to up the ante. She’s raised the funding goal in order to make a physical book that can be purchased. Who doesn’t need a book full of penises for their coffee table? You can find out more about the book, make a donation or learn how to submit on the Women Draw Penises Kickstarter page!