CBS Anchor James Brown Addresses Domestic Violence In Sports

The firing of NFL player Ray Rice for knocking out his then-fiance Janay Palmer in an elevator has sparked conversations about why Janay married him, whether a “private matter” deserves to be punished (spoiler alert: yes it does), whether a football player’s drug use is as bad as brutally attacking vulnerable women, and just about every other topic under the sun. The one thing that hasn’t been touched on much is the issue that actually matters: teaching men not to hit women in the first place, and holding them accountable when they do. Last night before a Steelers-Ravens football game, CBS anchor James Brown finally said what every coward at the NFL has avoided saying. Brown asked men to take responsibility for their actions, and talked about the hostile environment that encourages men in sports to use violence in the first place. He suggested that the most productive use of all the anger this situation has sparked would be to help women who suffer from domestic violence. His words were a major relief after a week of watching pundits talk in circles. You can read a transcript here. [Uproxx; Deadspin]