Planned Parenthood Opens “Virtual” Clinics In Minnesota & Washington State

  • Planned Parenthood is now offering online services in Minnesota and Washington State, in which patients can receive STD counseling or get a prescription for birth control through a video portal or an app. Another service that will soon be available will be mail-order treatment kids for STDs. Take that, assholes closing reproductive health clinics! [The Mary Sue, Star Tribune]
  • On how to talk to your kids about Ray Rice. [Essence]
  • Fox News is incredulous that Cosmopolitan is running articles about female politicians, equal pay, and health care, because don’t women just want to read about lip gloss and nail art? [Cosmopolitan]
  • A previously untested rape kit has identified a former Memphis police officer, who sexually assaulted a woman 14 years ago. What’s really fucking scary is that he is now working for the Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta. [Raw Story]
  • Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford threatened the Senate that she will name Canadian politicians who have been clients of sex workers if the government further criminalized sex work. [The Week]
  • University of Kansas students have asked that the school stop referring to rape as “non-consensual rape.” [Huffington Post]
  • Why athletics organizations need to stop testing the hormones of their athletes. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Double X blogger Amanda Marcotte explains why she has stopped reading her Twitter mentions as a way to block out the “bilious hatred” thrown at her from conservatives who hate feminists. [Slate]

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