Pigskins & Zodiac Signs: 5 Football Teams To Watch This Season (According To Astrology)

Fall is here, which means fuzzy sweaters, foliage and of course, football! Whether you’re a huge fan of the sport, super competitive in your fantasy football league, or both, get a leg up on what’s ahead for the season with a little help from the cosmos. Go beyond stats and look up to the stars to see which teams will have the best chance at the ultimate victory. Based on their charts, here are the five football teams to watch this season.

1. Green Bay Packers: Founded in 1919, The Packers are one of the oldest teams in the NFL and they already have four Super Bowl wins under their belt. They also have one of the largest fanbases in professional sports, so, it’s no surprise that they top the list of luckiest teams in the league. Yes, with the sun sign of Leo, this team has the power of the stars backing them this season, as they are hosting Jupiter, the planet of fortune, in their sign — which also happens to be where the lucky planet was during the Packers’ “birth.” In astrological terms, it’s called a Jupiter Return, which means a new cycle of positive expansion is revving up, making magic happen in double-time. It only happens every 12 years, so it’s big. However, tense energies will also saddle up next to the Packers until late December, which will make egos delicate, but if they think like a team, they’ll be the ones to beat.

2. New Orleans Saints: Like their city, The New Orleans Saints team is a Scorpio — which makes them intense, persistent and able to transform in an instant. Even in the fourth quarter with no advantages, this team never gives up. Lucky for them, their Scorpio powers will also give them a boost to win, as they are hosting Jupiter, the planet of fortune, in their status house — which shows an impending  rise in fame. The Saints were also “born” during Jupiter in Leo in 1966, giving them the advantage of a Jupiter Return too, increasing their odds of making this a season for the history books. However, with Saturn, the planet of discipline, in Scorpio until late December, they will have to approach this season more unconventionally. If the Saints can balance their determination with innovation, they’ll be at their best.

3. Denver Broncos: They made it all the way to the Super Bowl last year, but the stars were not with them for the win. However, this year, this Leo team will have the power of lucky Jupiter behind them, as well as the power of their natal Jupiter in Scorpio, which is out to rewrite past “wrongs.” Scorpio is the sign of revenge and with the Broncos needing to rewrite their story from last year’s loss, you can count on this team to make saving face a major force to push them this season – and Scorpios rarely lose that battle. Plus, the team’s star quarterback, Peyton Manning, an Aries, will be in top form this season, with dazzling aspects in his chart that back his confidence – but the stars also show he is up for a career change by 2016. So, with a Super Bowl legacy on the line, fans can count on Peyton to be a dominating force in bringing out this team’s fiercest game.

4. New England Patriots: The Patriots will be going strong this year, as this Scorpio team is going to be hungry for blood. Yes, reclaiming glory will be on their mind. Plus, throw in the power of Saturn, the tough love planet, in Scorpio, which will push their determination and ego, and they won’t fail. Plus, their lucky stars will have the support of a New Moon eclipse in October that will kick up their karmic advantage, like clumsy opponents or random weather conditions playing in their favor. Adding to their luck-stew, their coach, Bill Belichick, an Aries, will also have a peak performance year, which will further propel Tom Brady, their quarterback, a Leo, to make some of his best plays for a victorious season. Plus, with Gisele Bündchen as their cheerleader, how can they lose?

5. Cincinnati Bengals: Cincinnati is the underdog of this bunch, but as a Leo with no Super Bowl wins under its belt, this is their “now or never” year. Confidence, power and assertion will be strong on the Bengals, which will likely stem from the team’s personal popularity being at an all time high too. Yes, expect Bengals’ fans to be louder and more supportive than ever, bringing on an energy that will take this team far. Plus, changes in their play will be apparent, which will indicate a season of outstanding showmanship and strategy. Thankfully, this year also gives their quarterback, Andy Dalton, a Scorpio, his best time to show off his hidden talents, making the Bengals a force to be reckoned with. Yes, expect the Bengals to be the most surprising team of the season, which may just include that elusive Super Bowl win. Either or, this year is only the beginning of the triumph they will see, as 2016 is when the pinnacle of their luck will strike, finally giving them the cred they deserve.

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