I Just Can’t With This “Fall Boyfriends” Craigslist Ad

According to a “Rants & Raves” Craigslist personal ad, two Manhattan ladies are on a quest to find themselves a pair of fall boyfriends to replace their casual summer hook ups, because “now is the time you must start dating someone in order to spend the holidays together/go on ski trips/have a NYE kiss you’re stoked on.” Dudes without a “chill group of bro friends” need not apply. These guys must be six-foot or taller (those with sparkling personalities may be able to pass if they’re just one inch shy), an Ivy League education, and an affinity for Instagramming homemade autumn meals and couples’ selfies. These chill bros’ sartorial choices should include “Driving mocs, Barbour coat, Half-Zips (at least three, please send pics if possible), Ray-Bans (Wayfarers or Clubmaster preferred, but open to other styles), loafers, Patagonia vest(s), Vineyard Vines, basketball shorts for me to sleep in.” Access to a summer share in the Hamptons is a plus.

So is whoever wrote this trolling on fall-obsessed gals or legitimately on the hunt for a Ralph Lauren catalog spread come to life? To the latter, I’d roll my eyes and say good luck, but Oprah did say that you need to list exactly what you want in a partner for them to magically appear, so maybe they’re onto something that the rest of us missed the memo on. I’m going to guess that the ad is one epic joke, because for one thing, girls iwth such specific demands surely have higher standards than any dudes who would refer to themselves off the bat as “chill bros” rather than, say, “lacrosse-playing gentlemen of autumn.” The real proof, though, is the fact that no true fall-loving chick would write several paragraphs about their favorite season without a single mention of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. [Bustle]