Apple Unveils The iPhone 6 And The Apple Watch

  • Today, Apple unveiled two new phones: the gigantic-screened iPhone 6 and the even clunkier iPhone 6 Plus. Both phones will be released on September 19th. One exciting feature will be mobile payments, which allows users to use the phone as a credit card on trips to the store. A bigger surprise announcement today was the upcoming Apple Watch, which is essentially a teensy iPhone for your wrist that also heavily monitors your fitness activity. The watch will be available in early 2015 for around $350. Exciting! [The Verge, New York Times]
  • But don’t get too excited: those new iPhones may be too big for women’s hands. [The Atlantic]
  • U2 pulled a Beyonce and announced a surprise album release at today’s big Apple unveiling. (Whatever, Beyonce still did it first.) The album, Songs of Innocence, is currently available on iTunes for free — yes, free. ( [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Ashley Tisdale secretly married her musician man Christopher French yesterday in a secret ceremony. Mazel tov! [US Weekly]
  • Olivia Pope’s location is revealed in this new “Scandal” promo! [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Michael C. Hall will take on the title role of Broadway’s “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” The role is currently played by “Girls”‘ Andrew Rannells, who took over for Neil Patrick Harris earlier this year. Yes please! [Time]
  • OKCupid’s co-founder explains how the company experiments on human feelings and how we really act on the Internet. [Forbes]
  • Former “Roseanne” star Sara Gilbert is pregnant and expecting her first child with wife Linda Perry. [US Weekly]
  • Ballet dancer Misty Copeland has a new children’s book out about life as a Black ballerina. [NPR]
  • How tell if you’re in an indie coming-of-age movie. [The Toast]
  • The dramatic life and times of the midi skirt. [The Atlantic]

[Image via Apple]