This NYFW Designer Featured A Quadruple Amputee On The Runway

Designer Carrie Hammer began her “Role Models Not Runway Models” campaign earlier this year to feature and design for professional women who are underserved in the fashion world. In February, Hammer included a woman in a wheelchair in a runway show, not realizing at the time that her show was the first in history to do so. Karen Crespo, a 30-year-old who lost her limbs to bacterial meningitis, saw the show and contacted Hammer to thank her for including women with disabilities in her work. Last Friday, Crespo modeled in a New York Fashion Week runway show in a dress named after her.

When Crespo first reached out to Hammer earlier this year, the designer learned that Crespo’s much-needed prosthetic limbs had been stolen from her home. Hammer told Pop Sugar, “She was gorgeous. I loved her bohemian style. I asked her to walk in my show, and she told me her $100,000 prosthetics were stolen off her porch. I worked with this prosthetics company to create a new set of arms for her.”

In her continued effort to feature role models, Hammer’s NYFW show featured “CEOs, an Iraqi veteran, a race car driver, owners of multibillion-dollar companies. … My whole platform is that beauty is all equal. Everyone is equally beautiful, and we should highlight that and focus on our accomplishments. Our job as designers is to make women feel beautiful and have them achieve what they want to achieve.” The roster included Lindsay Todd Merkle, Global Account Manager for Beats by Dre, and Vivian Graubard, the White House Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer. So rad.

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[Image via Getty/Craig Barritt]