Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis Opens Up About Abortion 17 Years Ago

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis had an abortion 17 years ago, she revealed in a memoir being published next week. In her book Forgetting To Be Afraid, Davis shares that in 1997, she and her husband terminated a second-trimester pregnancy after they learned the fetus, a daughter, had serious brain abnormalities.

Davis described how her daughter, who the family had already named Tate Elise, would “tremble violently [in the womb] as if someone were applying an electric shock to her.” Not wanting their third child to suffer either in the womb or out, the Davis’ decided to end the pregnancy. Tate’s heart was “quieted” by a doctor, Davis wrote, and then she was delivered by Cesarean section. Davis and her husband, Jeff Davis, baptized Tate the next day and took photos of her. An excerpt of the memoir describing her family’s loss in heart-wrenching detail is here.

In an interview this morning on “Good Morning America,” Davis told Robin Roberts that the abortion was a “tremendous loss of a much-wanted pregnancy.” She added, “We knew the most loving thing we could do for our daughter was to say goodbye.”

This is the second pregnancy termination that Wendy Davis has revealed; she had an ectopic pregnancy — a fertilized egg implanted in her fallopian tube — and ended the pregnancy on a doctor’s advice. Davis and her husband had already named the future child that would have resulted from that pregnancy Lucas.

Davis shot to the national stage last year when she stood up for Texan women by filibustering an anti-abortion bill for nearly 13 hours. She later announced a race for governor against Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican who opposes abortion.

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