Here’s Anna Kendrick Singing To Jeremy Jordan In “The Last Five Years” released a clip of the upcoming film version of the off-Broadway musical “The Last 5 Years,” starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan [Alas, not this Jeremy Jordan, I was sad to discover. — Amelia], and I’m kind of melting over it. The musical follows the five-year relationship of young NYC couple Jamie and Cathy from two different timelines. Cathy begins her songs at the end of their relationship and Jamie begins from the start, and their two story lines only come together once, in the middle of the production, when he proposes to her. It’s less complicated than it sounds (according to Anna Kendrick, it will look like a series of easy-to-follow vignettes).

The story is relatable to just about anyone on this planet who’s been in love or broken up with someone, and the warped timeline is what makes it so emotionally striking. It’s almost like we’re watching the relationship’s train wreck in slow motion, and we’re able to examine and empathize with what both characters are feeling. The musical has been one of my favorites for about a million years, and I’ve listened to it at some point during just about every relationship issue I’ve had, so apparently that equates to feeling¬†all the feels when I see it play out on screen. This clip shows a happy scene, but I’m still over here all teary like “DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ANNA IT’S A TRAP!” Cross your fingers that this movie doesn’t disappoint! “The Last 5 Years” will release in the US on Valentine’s Day next year.